Where To Buy Concrete Septic Tank Lids

If you need a new concrete lid for your septic tank, knowing where to find the right replacement lid is important. The lid is a crucial component that keeps your septic system secure and functioning properly. This guide will cover everything you need to know about shopping for a new septic tank lid, including:

  • Why concrete lids are used
  • What to look for when buying a lid
  • Where to purchase precast concrete lids
  • How to order custom concrete lids
  • Installation tips

Follow these tips to make sure you get the perfect concrete septic tank lid to protect your system.

Why Concrete Lids Are Used on Septic Tanks

Septic tank lids need to be incredibly sturdy to handle being walked on and driven over while also sealing out groundwater infiltration and preventing accidental falls. Concrete is the ideal material for septic lids because it:

  • Is inexpensive and readily available
  • Provides excellent compressive strength to withstand weight
  • Resists cracking better than materials like plastic or fiberglass
  • Won’t decay or corrode like wood or metal lids
  • Can be custom molded and reinforced to provide security and durability

Precast concrete lids are designed specifically for use with septic tanks. They utilize reinforced concrete optimized to support vehicular loads while sealing the tank. This gives homeowners the safest, most secure lids.

What to Look for When Buying a Concrete Septic Lid

There are a few key factors to evaluate when shopping for a replacement concrete septic tank lid:

Dimensions – The lid must precisely fit your tank opening to properly seal it. Measure across the opening and get the exact dimensions.

Thickness – Lids are commonly 3-4 inches thick. Thicker lids provide more strength.

Material – Make sure the lid is reinforced concrete and not a weaker concrete blend. Fiber reinforcement improves durability.

Load rating – Check the lid’s weight capacity. They should handle at least 2,500 pounds to support vehicles.

Weather resistance – Lids in freezing climates need to resist cracks from freeze-thaw cycles. Ask about cold weather performance.

Security – Some lids have locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. Consider if you need a lockable lid.

Special features – Look for additional accessories like lift hooks, vent pipes, or access hatches if needed.

Where to Buy Precast Concrete Septic Tank Lids

Finding retailers that stock precast concrete septic products can be challenging. Big box hardware stores rarely carry specialized septic components. Here are some options to purchase premade replacement lids:

Septic product suppliers – Many companies specialize in septic system products like lids, risers, filters, and tanks. They have extensive concrete lid inventories and can advise on sizing.

Precast concrete companies – Precast concrete manufacturers often produce septic lids along with their other products. Check companies in your local area.

Plumbing and septic contractors – Well-stocked plumbing contractors that handle septic installations may sell lids and other replacement parts.

Online retailers – Several online vendors sell septic supplies including precast concrete lids that can ship directly to you.

Talk to sales staff about getting the right fit and durability before purchasing a precast lid. Be sure to compare pricing between retailers.

Ordering Custom Concrete Septic Lids

If you have an odd-shaped tank or specific needs, custom concrete lids are an option. Work with manufacturers that specialize in custom precast concrete to get one fabricated to your exact specifications.

Provide them with dimensions, thickness, reinforcement requirements, and any other special features you want. They can mold and cast a lid made to order for your unique septic tank. This also allows flexibility with accessories like access hatches.

Custom lids do cost more than precast standard sizes. But for non-standard tanks and enhanced security, a custom lid may be worth the investment. Local precast companies can easily create them.

Tips for Installing New Concrete Septic Lids

When you’re ready to install a new concrete septic tank lid, follow these tips:

  • Inspect the riser ring and repair any damage so the lid has a smooth surface to rest on.

  • Thoroughly clean the riser ledge and lid bottom to remove debris that could prevent sealing.

  • Carefully lower the heavy lid straight down into position using straps and lifting equipment if needed.

  • Align the lid evenly and center it onto the riser. Don’t drag it into place.

  • Ensure the lid sits flat and flush on the ledge all the way around with no gaps or wobbling.

  • Try temporarily covering the lid with a tarp and some weight to test the fit if needed.

  • Secure any latches or lock mechanisms. Apply sealant if desired.

Take care when lifting concrete lids to avoid injury or cracks. Having a helper makes positioning easier. Proper alignment ensures leaks are prevented.

Find the Right Concrete Septic Lids for Your System

Replacing a damaged or missing septic tank lid with a new sturdy concrete lid restores the security of your system. Protect against contamination and accidents by taking time to find the perfect concrete lid specially made for septic applications.

Check septic system suppliers, precast concrete companies, plumbing contractors, and online septic stores to purchase precast lids or order custom fabricated lids. Investing in the right lid saves on expensive repairs down the road.

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